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Our Artists

Tracy Lee Griffith



Tracy Lee Griffith's nomadic life sets up the tone of her work. Growing up first in Westchester, New York and then St. John, US Virgin Islands and later in California and Asia. 

She specializes in abstract landscape, emphasizing color and mark. 

From her current experience as a professional sushi chef, Tracy uses her knowledge of presentation and color to inform her art with mindfully placed color choices. 

Tracy has created a quest to explore the limits of painting by energizing the senses and pushing the confines of the canvas's surface with the dimension of resin layers. Her new venture into authentic animal skulls with paint, resin and neon pushes her into another artistic field.  She has had solo exhibits in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Seoul, NYC, London and a group show at The Grand Palais in Paris.

Tracy currently resides in Florence, AL

Ellen Dempsey

Ellen Dempsey is enamored with everyday objects, especially the overlooked and discarded.  Through p

Ellen Dempsey is enamored with everyday objects, especially the overlooked and discarded.  Through playful juxtapositions, she provides items such as a school desk, dining room table, or a concrete slab a stage on which to perform.  Her sculptural work focuses on pieces of furniture, particularly tables, that are animated by large-scale assemblages.  Her two-dimensional work can be described as the "fingerprints" of her sculptures.  Prints are made by inking objects and hand-printing them on rice paper and framing them so that they are elevated to eye level.  Face to face with this mundane debris, the viewer is forced to examine objects they may normally overlook.  

Dempsey was born and raised in Nashville, TN.  She studied Sculpture and Printmaking at Middle Tennessee State University and received her MFA from the University of Memphis in 2018.  She was recently awarded the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award and her work is featured in the current October issue of Sculpture magazine.  

Dempsey works and resides in Florence, AL.

Elizabeth P. Lane


Although the artist comes from a family line of artists, most of her life has been spent in the business world and raising two incredibly talented and creative daughters. 

 Although she never lost sight of her love of art in all creative forms, a couple of major “life happenings” began an exciting new journey as a Raw Artist pursuing her muse in art as well as writing.
The artist’s God-given courage became magic. In addition to her own painting, she has always been an advocate of purchasing original art and now promotes local art as well.
Listen to the Whispers.

Beth Lane works and resides in Florence, Alabama

Paige Bankston


Paige Bankston grew up in the small town of Courtland, Alabama. In 2016 she received an MFA in Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta.
As a child living in the privacy of 45 acres of native woodland, Bankston
developed a love of her surroundings. Her desire to preserve began with making insect collections and has evolved into the practice of heirloom gardening and restoration of historical homes.
Patterns found in nature and old architecture offer strong visual influences in Bankston’s work. For her, making art—in which she creates dream-like places that explore the surreal nature of the subconscious—is an act of remembrance in which memories are bridges that connect the past to the present.

Bankston spent a semester at the SCAD campus in Lacoste, France. 

She actively works as an artist in Atlanta and Alabama.

Lisa Sims Wallace


Art makes me happy! The benefits of creating art or just looking at it, can be life changing! 

I love it all…making art, seeing artwork, and helping others create. It is the moving the paint around that takes me to another place….some people call it the “zone”.  Peace, love and joy are what I seek and want to share. I hope my artwork makes you happy. Or, at least brings some emotion.  

Love Art! Be well and Celebrate today! 

Lisa Sims Wallace works and resides in Florence, Alabama

W Cullen Stewart


 W Cullen is an Alabama born, abstract artist. A physical painter, he believes process is of the utmost importance; matched only by the emotional connection to be made with the people and world around him. At times intricate and brooding, others minimal and playful, his works are to be interpreted by the viewer through he viewer’s own filter of need and desire.

WC lives in Florence, AL.

Our Artists, contd.

Tim Stevenson


At the very tender age of three, a nieghbour teased me into the world of art by offering big oatmeal cookies in exchange for drawings which I would attempt to copy from her own drawings. She was an excellent baker, the rest is history. I still love oatmeal cookies....and art.

Drew Botts

Drew studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating with a BFA in Illustration. Drew is s


Drew studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating with a BFA in Illustration. Drew is skilled in creative thinking, visual communication, illustration, design, painting and hand lettering. 

Currently, he is the textile artist for Billy Reid, Inc.

Drew lives in Alabama, wandering in the woods and biking around town.

Michael Banks


By abandoning traditions on many levels, Michael has succeeded in achieving a place in the wider world of American contemporary art. His presence has created excitement in the folk and contemporary art genre that has brought a significant

increase in demand for his works by collectors. Michael is deeply creative, with experimentation and resourcefulness always a part of his process. His painting of disparate imagery on canvas, paper and salvaged boards, using acrylic & enamel with an over-painting of turpentine and

tar all add to the intrigue of his works.

Nancy O'Neal


Nancy O'Neal is part of the historic O'Neal family of Alabama that produced two  Governors of the state amongst many things.  Nancy says "painting has always been a thread in my life no matter where I've lived or what I've done. I have been lucky enough to work and travel in many places. I like to study the subject of a painting-to-be, to really see it and come to know it intimately. Primarily, I paint from life. The variety of color and light that nature provides is infinite"

Molly Bloom


  Molly Bloom was born in Niagara Falls, NY and grew up foraging, climbing and exploring the orchards and woodlands surrounding a home her father and grandfather built. 

Her mother, an established illustrator in Buffalo, shared her love of art and nature with Molly at an early age. From her mother's own working studio, to collections of Oaxacan wood carvings, frequent visits to surrounding galleries and the confidence to create whatever came to her mind molded Bloom as the creative-spirit she is today. Molly Bloom spent almost 7 years in NYC following her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, living out her dream as a fashion designer, stylist and producer.  

In 2015, she relocated to Florence, AL to work for Billy Reid as fabric buyer, then product developer, now all things runway show production/casting/set design/styling, brand collaborations, photo-shoots and everything in between. 

Since the move in '15, Bloom has collected cicada exoskeletons, skulls, and various insects around Alabama with the intention of one day bringing them back to life as art. What started as a gift for her boss, quickly turned into a collection of works using a range of materials found in nature and the Oaxacan style of delicately painted patterns. 

Bloom is based in Florence, AL with her husband Hunter Davis and cat, Undie.

Jenny Neese


 Ja MOON, once the name of a gallery in Florida owned by Jenny Neese, is now the signature she gives her unique collages. 

Working with hand made papers from around the world she likes to think of all the hands that have gone into her works .

Though she has Southern roots, she has spent the last eighteen years living on the coast of Maine. With an eye for interiors, texture, paper and color Jenny has been making works of art for the past twenty-five years.

Her most recent pieces have been created by using recycled Chemix coffee filters , linen thread, Vintage Japanese fan, and hand made papers.

Site Content

Tiffany Evans


 Artists’ Statement

You are nothing but a cell that once clung to your mothers’ womb. From humble beginnings, that cell multiplied by the millions. Her DNA still tells you how to breathe and taught you how to teethe. You carry it in every facet of your life. And although she is no longer present, she taught you about death before you could read. But do not mourn the past, it is only a part of the cycle, and the cycle always continues. 


Tiffany Evans received her Bachelor of FineArts from the University of North Alabama in December of 2017. She has always been deeply influenced by the processes of nature, as she grew up on a farm in the rolling hills of Starkville Mississippi. Now she continues her journey as a graphic designer, while still exploring different mediums in traditional art. 

Vann Dillion


  Vann Dillon was raised in Birmingham and now makes his home in Tuscumbia, Alabama. He was trained at Auburn University where he earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in 1991 with a concentration in Visual Design.

Dillon’s passion for monochromatic media is intense. 

“Drawing or painting in black and white creates a classical aura expressing deep moods. The viewer focuses on light, form and texture to define the image, rather than relying on color. Consequently the subject may ‘leap’ from the surface with drama”, states Dillon.

He generally works on a large scale, having been influenced by Michelangelo and other artists during a trip to Italy. After completing the drawing, a warm-toned wash is applied to the surface to give an old-world feeling, one of classical romance.

Roger Hummel

"Nosey" by Roger Hummel

  Roger Hummel is a graphite pencil artist who loves and favors drawing portraits of both People and animals. He was born and raised in Long Beach, California in 1962. His parents were Marilyn and Robert Hummel. His mother had always claimed that Roger started drawing monsters by the age of 3 and that they were quite terrifying and realistic.

Roger has always excelled in drawing, even in high school where he won a "Non-Smoking" poster contest, where his work was reproduced and hung throughout the city of Long Beach, CA. Even though he's taken college art courses, he is predominantly self taught.

During his 20's and 30's he owned and operated his own Graphics and Sign Painting Business, "Airbrushing Unlimited". There he painted and lettered everything from signs to show cars and trucks. Later, moving to Big Bear, CA he was an Owner/Artist at his own Tattoo shop, "Euphoria Tattoos" for 10 years.

Since moving to Alabama in 2012, where he now calls home, his sole focus is on his Graphite Pencil Portait Drawings. He's married to a very beautiful and talented woman named, Jenette. Jenette is an advid Photographer, in which Roger has used several of her photos as reference photos for some of his drawings. Roger and his wife enjoy hiking to and exploring Waterfalls and photographing Raptors and other exciting wildlife.

This Art Exhibit, "The Illustrators" at Wylde Gallery is his very first Art Exhibit. He plans to do many more exhibits through out the Tennessee Valley.

The Zac Abramson Collection


Zac Abramson has been a resident of Florence, AL. since 1993. He has been an antiques and art dealer for over 30 years and a collector all his life. 

After studying the art of American and European human figural photography spanning over a century, Zac's collection focused on classical themes and poses. 

Zac kindly has donated the sales from his extensive collection in the "Beefcake & Cheesecake" exhibit to The Shoals Diversity Center of the Shoals.